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It's seven o 'clock. The sun has not yet climbed over the mountain and the pale glow of its first morning rays begins to illuminate the ripples of the water.

Torbole, dozing and covered by the shadow that slowly retracts, stretches lazily and prepares for a new summer day.

It's not cold. The Peler still blows. The gaze opens, frees itself and reaches the faded southern end of the lake, interrupted only by the presence of the last apparently immobile fishermen's boats and by the braided passage of the sails. The feet immersed in the water and the canoe that slips trembling. You start rowing and, moving away from the shore, your point of view changes.

The street noise thins out and you are left alone with your thoughts. The only sound that accompanies you is that of the paddle that sinks in the water and the keel that breaks the waves.

Speed up the pace. Cross the mouths of the Sarca and, skirting the beaches of Rivano, you reach the huge Ponale wall. You turn south and with the wind in the stern you finally arrive at the cave. Enter ...

This is exactly how a day on Lake Garda could begin.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.


Henry Miller

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